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Extra-curricular activities

The school premises are at the disposal of the professionals below who run weekly extra-curricular classes. Please note that the school does not take care of registrations and these classes are only open to the children of our school.


Updated list of extra-curricular activities

For each extra-curricular activity, please find below the full description and the contact person.


Mindfullness (from 5 years old)

Boxing (from 6 years old)

Théâtre (from 7 years old)

Lego Technic, Brick4kidz (from 4 years)

Robotic Course, Brick4kidz (from 7 years)

Painting and Ceramic Workshop (from 4 years)

Wood Work - Construction (from 5 years)

Pottery (from 3 years)

Wood Work and Ceramic (from 6 years)

Drama Club in English (from 3 years)

Eveil sportif (from 3 years old)

Chess (from 5 years old)

Individual flute lessons or small group (from 5 years)

Individual piano lessons - Sara Rezki (from 4 years old)

Individual piano lessons - Marie Boudaud (from 4 years old)

Individual piano lessons - Meta Cerv (from 4 years old)

Individual guitar lessons or small group (from 5 years)

Individual violin lessons or small group (from 4 years)

German (in small groups or individual lessons) (from 6 years)

English language / Singing (in small groups or indivdual lessons) (from 3 years)

"Les mercredis avec Elsa" (from 4 years, no nap possibility)

Activities are offered on a "first come, first served" basis.

A minimum of participants per activity will also be required.

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