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Our Offer

All our classes are bilingual according to the "one person, one language" principle with teachers who speak in their mother tongue.

3-6 years old
from 3 years old

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Part time

We welcome children from three years old in one of our two bilingual classrooms. The youngest children can stay part time during a few months, or more, depending on their needs.


After the morning session, children will go for a healthy lunch, followed by an outdoor break in the school garden. 


For more information on the morning activities of the children, please refer to the Method tab. 

School Hours

Monday - Tuesday

Thursday - Friday

from 08-08:45am to 01:30pm

English - French

Full time

When staying full time, the youngest children would be napping early in the afternoon if they need to (or if parents want to). 


The older children enjoy full days in school to discover the elementary level in the Montessori way. Our classrooms are bilingual and the teachers have official diplomas (3-6 or 6-12 years old) recognized by the "Association Montessori Internationale" (AMI).


For more information on the morning activities of the children, please refer to the Method tab.


School Hours

Monday - Tuesday

Thursday - Friday

from 08-08:45am 

to 03:30pm

English - French
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6-12 years old

Full time

The 6-12 age group is the logical continuation of the elementary level, and remains fully bilingual with French or English mother tongue Montessori AMI teachers.

The Plan d'Etudes Romand (Swiss curriculum) is widely covered, and tested by Common Tests ("Evaluations communes") in 8P. German lessons are given from the age of 6 as beginners' course and from the age of 8 with classes two-three times a week.

Music, art and sport are fully integrated in the Montessori educational program.

School Hours

Monday - Tuesday

Thursday - Friday

from 08-08:30am to 04:00pm

English - French
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After-school childcare

For full-time children, after-school childcare is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3:30-4:00pm to 6:15pm.

The children will have a healthy snack and will be able to play and relax with an experienced and trusted person of the team. Playful and enriching activities will be provided around nature, emotions, team activities, art & crafts...

The price of after-school childcare is 15.- CHF per child per day, and will be charged separately from school fees.

The registration form is available here.

After-school childcare Hours

Monday - Tuesday 

 Thursday - Friday

from 3:30 pm to 6:15 pm

English - French
CHF 16.- / day / child

Extra-curricular activities

The school premises are at the disposal of the professionals below who run weekly extra-curricular classes. Please note that the school does not take care of registrations and these classes are only open to the children of our school.

For each extra-curricular activity, please find the full description and the contact person on the "Parents" page.

Mindfullness (from 5 years old)

Boxing (from 6 years old)

Théâtre (from 7 years old)

Lego Technic, Brick4kidz (from 4 years)

Robotic Course, Brick4kidz (from 7 years)

Painting and Ceramic Workshop (from 4 years)

Wood Work - Construction (from 5 years)

Pottery (from 3 years)

Wood Work and Ceramic (from 6 years)

Eveil sportif (from 3 years old)

Chess (from 5 years old)

Individual flute lessons or small group (from 5 years)

Individual piano lessons - Sara Rezki (from 4 years old)

Individual piano lessons - Marie Boudaud (from 4 years old)

Individual piano lessons - Meta Cerv (from 4 years old)

Individual guitar lessons or small group (from 5 years)

Individual violin lessons or small group (from 4 years)

English language (in small groups or individual lessons) (from 6 years)

"Les mercredis avec Elsa" (from 4 years, no nap possibility)

Activities are offered on a "first come, first served" basis. A minimum of participants per activity will also be required.


Monday - Tuesday

 Thursday - Friday

from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


All day

English - French

Come & visit us!

If you are interested in our school, please do not hesitate to come and visit with your child !

Please fill in the pre-registration template then give a call to the principal

Nancy Ramu on 078 806 22 42 to make an appointment.


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